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This is to be considered a draft proposal, some content is present only for affect and detailed refinement is still required should you wish to proceed. 

I've outlined the homepage below describing the design. Click the "CONTINUE TO LIVE PREVIEW"  button at the bottom to experience the draft site. 


Homepage - EXPlore

This is one idea based on some preliminary work for a new website. The specific content (imagery, text, calendar, forms, etc…) can easily be changed to suit.

This example is inspired around the idea of “EXPLORATION”. This design asks the user to explore Atlas Ocean Tours in 4 key areas.

-The Voyage
-The Tours
-The Food
-The Fun

Each area provides space to tell your story and draw the user through exploring their Atlas Ocean Tours experience. You can update the content as needed using the drag and drop interface and manage intake of users booking or communicating with you.


-Easy to edit
-24/7 Support (the best customer support I’ve ever experienced)
-Mobile ready
-SEO built in
more features